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Agel EXO Nutritional Supplements
Variety is the spice of life and helps to sustain it too. By combining a wide variety of exotic fruits and plant extracts, EXO provides you with a complete spectrum of antioxidants critical to a long and healthy life.

The best are even better together.
Each of these exotic fruits and plant extracts is incredibly good for your health, but they're even better together. Which means that EXO contains a wider range of nutritive qualities than products that offer only one active ingredient. EXO's unique combination of ingredients offers you literally hundreds of naturally occurring antioxidants in the same convenient serving.

Lose free radicals and gain better health.
Antioxidants are essential to living well. They're also essential to preventing cellular damage, thanks to their ability 

to neutralize free radicals. What does this mean for you? It means that EXO may help your body deal with the added stress of a hectic lifestyle and an environment full of pollutants. In fact, getting rid of free radicals can actually slow down the symptoms of the aging process.

EXO is a unique and perfectly balanced blend of exotic fruits and plant extracts. Some of these fruits and extracts are already well-known and well-regarded by those interested in health and well-being. These celebrated sources of health include seabuckthorn, mangosteen, and a'ai, to name a few. But EXO also contains many, many other sources of anti-oxidants in a rich and tasty blend. EXO is a powerful blend of 17 different unique whole fruit purees and plant extracts from around the world, each with its own unique properties. This distinctive formula contains 17 potent botanicals that each when tested individually was found to have a very high total antioxidant capacity. Now imagine, the extraordinary benefit of EXO, a highly concentrated gel, made up of not one but 17 of these antioxidant-rich fruits and plants. The exotic antioxidant-rich fruits in EXO represent the best berry and fruit sources from around the globe. Blueberries from the lush Pacific Northwest of USA, Dark-skinned grapes from Europe and North America, Cranberries from quiet waters of Northeastern USA, Bilberries from rich lands of Northern Europe, Aronia chokeberry from forests of Central Europe, Pomegranate from Persia and Mediterranean, Aloe vera gel from the arid Mexican plains, Noni fruit from mineral-rich Polynesian shores, Acerola cherry from Brazil, Wolfberries from China and Southeast Asia, Acai berries from Amazon rainforests, Rooibos herb extract from Africa and more.

What can EXO do for you?
Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:
Contains hundreds of naturally occurring antioxidants
Shields the body from free radicals
Combats signs of normal, age-related decline
Boosts immune function activity

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