Monday, 11 February 2013

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agel HRT Nutritional Supplements

Agel HRT puts your heart in the right place.
A well-functioning heart is essential for good health, and the unique blend of nutrients in HRT can help you achieve the best heart possible. This scientifically formulated and technologically advanced gel is designed specifically to help protect your heart, fuel your myocardial system, and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

HRT can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
Bad news is that elevated levels of certain kinds of cholesterol can lead to heart attack or stroke. Good news is that, in conjunction with diet and exercise, HRT can help you keep your cholesterol in check.

HRT can fuel and protect your heart.
With its blend of antioxidants and other nutrients, HRT offers the heart energy and protection. Taurine, for example, can reduce damage done to the heart, while carnitine helps increase myocardial energy production—and these are just two examples of all the heart-oriented components found in HRT.

Get to the heart of the matter.
The condition of your heart can have a big impact on your life. So eat right and exercise. And to augment your healthy heart lifestyle, consider the unique blend of nutrients found in HRT.

Active Ingredients: Oyster Mushroom Powder, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Policosanol

What can HRT do for you?
Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:
Helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol
Gives your heart energy
Helps to reduce damage to the heart
Supplements a heart-healthy life

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