Monday, 11 February 2013

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agel PRO Nutritional Supplements

Agel PRO packs a protein punch in a convenient, single-serve package. PRO is perfect for a between-meal pick-me-up, without the hassle of mixing powders, swallowing a pill, or consuming a pasty, tasteless bar. And the protein in PRO is absorbed quickly—which means faster impact on your body.

Hunger doesn't always coincide with proper mealtime.
For those times when you need a healthy, quick snack solution or extra protein for your training regimen, PRO is ideal. Its 10 grams of protein help build muscle and maintain overall body conditioning, all from an inexpensive and easily carried package.

Our bodies use protein every day to support our health and well-being.
Protein increases metabolism and helps produce healthy muscle, organ tissue, and bones. It also plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system.

Agel PRO is a balanced protein gel that serves a wide variety of nutrition needs for a large number of people. Most people associate protein products with body builders or severe athletes. But, on the contrary, this balanced protein gel can be beneficial to practically everybody. In effect, it is useful for athletes who want to engage in severe muscle building, for individuals concerned with weight management, or simply for anybody who wants a mini-meal replacement or in-between meal snack.

Our protein is a complete source for all nine essential amino acids.
It's an easy-to-digest, incredibly rich source of the critical amino acids that give athletes an edge by metabolizing directly into muscle tissue. It also is an excellent source of leucine, an essential amino acid that helps build lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

What can PRO do for you?
Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:
Provides convenient access to protein then you need it
Gives you a healthy snack option
Helps build muscle
Can assist in weight loss

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